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Welcome To My World is my own new website about me and things such as Skulls of course, Music, Entertainment, Sports, and whatever the hell else I feel like talking about, blogging about, pics, etc.

Who The Hell am I?
My name is Skully, and I live in Phoenix, Arizona where it is hot as hell. I work in music and computers, and I am a computer student also. I am a musician and i'll tell you more about that later.

NEWS - July 1st, 2007

I just aquired a Fender Stratocaster, which i'm going to compliment with the EMG DG-20's (David Gilmour). It should sound awesome. Here are my babies. They look like sisters don't they?

My Babies

If you want to email me, you can here. I'll answer you back unlless of course, you are some kind of choad...

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July 1, 2007

Quote of the Week:

Here's me at a show in Seattle with the Corral...