A place for skulls and things associated with skulls!

welcome to my information page, this is where to go to find out what im currently up to.

i am currently working on a new album. not sure how many songs i have, but i can assure you its heavy. i hope to have it somewhat finished by the end of this year.

check back here for updates.

Party On!


I teach guitar, bass, drums, and ukulele. there are two ways to get lessons from me, either publicly, in Tempe, Az. at, or privately, email me for rates.


Stringed Instrument Repair: I do setups and major and minor repairs on all stringed instruments right in my own shop!
Acoustic Show. I can play your birthday party, bar-mitzva, etc. with me, my acousic, and my small P.A. email me for rates! DJ I can also DJ your wedding. I have ample PA and experience. email me for a quote.


Skully Lawrence (602)614-3512 http://youtube/w1MV9ob5RiM